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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 22, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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zood morning. i'm vicky nguyen. a weekend hike turns deadly. a trailing hike sends two men plummeting. cooling temperatures continue throughout the bay area. anthony slaughter tells us how it could affect your morning commute. you are watching "today in the bay." good morning now. let's give you a live look outside at san francisco. that is the south bay, isn't it? >> san jose. >> san jose. that's what i thought. i thought we were going to take a look at the golden gate
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bridge. it is beautiful across the bay this morning. thanks so much for waking up with us. i'm vicky nguyen. let's get a check of your micro climate forecast with anthony slaughter. >> all morning, you are keeping my honest. this morning, actually, even in the south bay, we are waking up with some clouds in san francisco, same deal i want to take you into san francisco. you can see for yourself, lots of low clouds covering. even some drizzle and mist being detected. your morning headlines keep the showers at the coast. the showers will eventually move inland as we head towards tonight. it will be a long waiting period. mostly cloudy skies are expected through the day. those showers will arrive tonight specially once the sun goes down and onshore flow starts to reinforce. the doppler radar, not that active right now. the only activity is from half moon bay down towards woodside, belmont, la handa. that's the only place we have showery activity. at the coast for the first half of the day.
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inland, that's when we will see, as we head towards the afternoon, we will see that push inland. it is going to be a great day in the bay area as we head through the day. temperatures in the 60s. those showers, a better chance, afternoon and evening tonight. as we move through the day, just remember, every now and again, we could see a light shower. the best bet comes tonight. >> we begin with a developing story out of the north bay. one hiker dead. another in serious condition after a trail collapsed underneath them. this happened at the bear valley trail in the point reyes national seashore. investigators say the two hikers were standing on an overlook made of dirt and rock when it gave way. >> we heard a huge i would say like a splash and sand and rocks falling down. then, when we came back, we saw the like small river was like covered in rocks and stuff.
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>> other hikers tried to help the two people as rescue helicopters flew to the scene. this twitter photo shows one of the helicopters during the rescue. one hiker died at the scene and the other taken to santa rosa memorial hospital. they knew this part of the trail was unstable and a large crack appeared on the overlook earlier this week. authorities posted warning science. another quick rescue about 40 miles south of that one. two people and their dog are recovering after being stranded on a cliff in san francisco. it happened yesterday evening. fire crews say they got a call at 5:30. the rescue took about an hour. the two adults suffered minor injuries. >> new details this morning to a story we first told you about yesterday morning. two men have died after a devastating fire in the east bay. we have learned one of them was an artist. friends say mo thomas was killed in the fire. this photo was tweeted out by the mclaughlin gallery along
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with a statement, sad day for bay area. rising star, emerging artist, mo thomas, one of our artists, died today. the building that caught fire saturday morning was a popular place for musicians and artists to stay. fire alarms woke them up about 3:00 a.m. and from there, flames spread quickly. >> the fire was a big fire. so we came out to the side of the building. we looked around and there were just flames coming out the side of one of the windows completely. when you went across the street and you looked, the whole roof was just on fire. >> we took about an hour for firefighters to put out the flames. the red cross has been busy helping 30 people find a place to stay. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. police in vallejo shot and killed a man who they say refused to put down the knife and was carrying what looked like a gun. >> police were called to the target center after a man reportedly threw a beer bottle at someone's car.
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they say he was holding a knife and had what officers believed to be a gun in his waistband. an order ser order an officer ordered a man to drop it. they later found a note in the man's car apologizing for causing them trouble. dozens of guns are off bay area streets this morning. people dropped off unwanted guns at a buyback event in san francisco's western neighborhood. there were no questions about how they got the gun or why they were getting rid of it. organizers say he was more important to get guns off the street as part of the city's ongoing effort to curb violent crime. >> police can't do it alone. we have to step up as the community to work with the police department to make sure we are doing everything we can to get guns off the street. most people turning in guns got $100 cash. assault rifles were bought back for $200 each. police collected nearly 100 weapons including a crossbow turned in by a father who said
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he was concerned about his son's behavior. it is a case that is rocking silicon valley and this weekend, the judge dropped another bombshell. he ruled that ellen pao may seek punitive damage. she is suing for discriminating because she is a woman. she alleges they passed her over for promotion. she can seek tense of millions on top of the $16 million in lost wages and bonuses she is pursuing in a case that is making national headlines. closing arguments in the trial are expected tuesday. take a look at this cell phone video from inside a busy south bay starbucks immediately after a car came crashing through the front window. about two dozen people were inside the coffee shop in cupertino when it happened yesterday morning. investigators say the driver was an elderly man. he nearly came face to face with the hood of a car.
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>> it was a very loud noise like a bomb went off. i sit a couple of tables inside there. it is very lucky. it was really packed. i tried to find the window seat. i can't. i happen to sit a little bit inside. it was still very scary and very loud noise whether it happened. >> one customer suffered minor injuries and another was taken to a nearby hospital with cuts and bruises. the driver was not hurt. investigators say he is cooperating with their investigation. much more ahead on if you had in t"today in the bay." dramatic video captures a ski lift malfunction. what skiers were forced to do to save themselves. seven children killed in a terrible house fire. what may have caused the flames.
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your time now is 7:09. we are giving you a fairly blue look out there at san francisco.
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anthony slaughter says it is going to be quite gray across the bay area, some slight chance of showers. he withily tell you more about that coming up in his full forecast. a community in mourning today. a house fire claims the lives of seven children in brooklyn. only their mother and one daughter managed to escape. this morning, they are struggling to survive. nbc's ron mott has more on the tragic fire. >> reporter: firefighters rushed to a burning brooklyn home in under 3:30 minutes but still too late to save seven children of the sassoon family in one of the city's deadliest fire. the youngest victim, five years old. four girls, three boys. their 45-year-old mom and another sibling, a 14-year-old girl, jumped from a second-floor window, both in critical condition. >> it is a tragedy for this family and this community. it is a tragedy for our city. authorities say they couldn't find any smoke detectors on the first two floors, only in the basement. >> a neighbor who lives here
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says he heard someone screaming for help shortly after midnight, looked out the window and saw flames ripping through the side of the house back here and called 911. >> karen rosenblat says her husband made the call. >> flames coming out of all over the place, heavy, thick smoke. you could barely see the house at all. a malfunctioning hot plate left on started the fire. >> i know the mother. i really hope that she makes it through this. i don't know how she is going to face what happened to her family. >> reporter: new york's mayor called it unimaginable. >> this beautiful, vibrant family, 24 hours ago, intact and now so many lost and two clinging to life. >> ron mott, nbc news, new york.
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seven skiers are recovering today after jumping off a malfunctioning chair lift. take a look at this video. sugarloaf mountain resort in maine is one of 200 skiers riding that lift as they stopped and began sliding backwards down the mountain. one person was left dangling off the lift until rescuers came. the cause of the accident has not been determined. this is not the first chairlift malfunction in the resort. in 2010, a lift derailed and eight skiers were injured then. the san jose earthquakes get ready to open up their brand new stadium. here is a live look. why fans can expect a smooth ride when they arr today. anthony? >> there is going to be a lot of cloud cover out there as well. temperatures in the 60s. very chilly if you will. closer to average. we haven't been this cool in two weeks. we'll talk more about the rain chances that exist today coming up after this.
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let's give you a live look outside at san jose as the sun has risen. it is still a little gray and cloudy out there. we have chances of showers across the bay area rolling in tonight as a matter of fact. stay tuned, anthony slaughter will be by to tell you where and when. >> happening today, 18,000 soccer fans will fill the new stadium for the earthquake's first official home game. this is a live look at the stadium. all quiet now. it will be a different story this afternoon. stadium officials are asking people to be patient when it comes to getting to the game. they hope new signs will help fans get in and out of parking lots with ease. they say vta is the fastest and safest way to get to the stadium. another live look before the quakes take the field. kickoff is at 4:00 this afternoon. can you feel it in the air? springtime allergies are here with a vengeance. many doctors say it is only going to get worse. marianne favro has more.
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>> reporter: throughout the bay area, people are suffering from allergies. >> i have an itchy throat and i am breaking out in a rash. >> reporter: stephanie manives says this is her worst allergy season ever. the season is hitting earlier too. >> when i play soccer, because i'm a soccer player on the field, all the pollen will not get to my eyes. my eyes get watery. my face gets itchy. >> the youngest patients are struggling. >> a lot more sneezing that i ever, ever, well, ever had. >> reporter: experts say our unusually warm temperatures are fueling sneezing and wheezing. >> climate change, carbon-dioxide gases tell certain plants to produce 3 to 4 times more pollen which may be super charged. >> reporter: the retired dr. joseph laza says he is studying the air and sees tremendous increasing in pollen. our warming world is extending
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the misery. a 2011 study found the ragweed pollen season lasts an additional 2-4 weeks across much of the u.s. another predicts pollen counts will more than double by 2040. to survive, doctors suggest, know your triggers, start your medicine at least a week before your symptoms usually occur and shower before going to bed to wash off the pollen. so you won't sniffle and sneeze through spring. >> marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> i am already feeling it. we talked about it yesterday. >> it has been high for the past three weeks. >> don't hesitate, medicate, right? >> that's right. >> you have to medicate. >> it feels really polleny. >> we haven't had a big system come through and clean out the air and usually get the rain. that clears it out. we get a little drizzle here and there and that doesn't do anything for us. we are going to continue on the same trend of needing more rain. unfortunately, you can see the doppler radar is fired up.
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we are getting a little bit of light showery activity across the peninsula and the santa cruz mountains. most of it, as continues to go, remains across parts of northern california, at least for the time being. that's been the general trend all winter long. most of these storms continue in the northern track. zoom in a little closer. you can see we do have some light returns coming in. over towards woodside and belmont. you are going to see some of the activity. down towards the santa cruz mountains on highway 17. that's going to be it for the first half of the day. the north bay, you are going to see the showers first around lunchtime and then those showers will spread south as we head through the day. it is going to be a very slow week. we are just talking about mainly cloudy skies through most of the day. the showery activity is not expected to roll throughout until tonight. in the meantime, light showery activity, spritz here and there. nothing heavy. now, here is the cold front that's going to move through. you can see it is still positioned about 100 miles off the coastline.
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the main band of rain that's expected to move through. this, again, not expected to move through until tonight. 1:00 this afternoon, again, that main push of rain still off the coast li coastline. we will start to see a few peeks of sunshine. once the cold front gets closer, the showers will start to arrive. by 7:00 tonight, showers in the north bay. some could be moderate at times. not heavy. as we head through the overnight hours, between 7:00 tonight and 7:00 tomorrow morning, we have the best chance of seeing any shower activity. it will be enough to actually get the ground slick for your monday morning commute. here are your rainfall estimates. we are not talking about a big storm system. if anything, maybe a quarter of an inch across the north bay. at most, maybe 0.10 across the south bay. if you are doing any traveling to the sierra, up there, have family or friends up there this weekend, just keep in mind, tomorrow, there will be snow
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that falls with the system. coming home tomorrow night, it cob a little detrimental tall. we are talking about maybe a half a foot of snow above 6,000 feet. that would be about it. for us here at home, gray skies for most of the day. a few showers from time to time. the best bet doesn't arrive until this evening, tonight and tomorrow morning. those showers start to taper off. tomorrow will still be a chilly day as the cold front starts to push out of here. tuesday, we begin our warming trend. by wednesday and thursday, 70s. yes, vicky, look at that. by thursday, mid-80s. a few degrees from 90. a little chilly today and a little gray. hang on. by tuesday and wednesday, it will start to feel like spring, in fact, even summer. "today in the bay" is back after this break. coming up -- >> i had a good life and it's over. that's what i thought. it's over. >> he was a rising star with intel. sean maloney had a snotroke at e
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54. now, he is taking his recovery on the road. it is a bay area proud you don't want to miss.
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our next story is about getting back up after life knocks you down. in the case of sean milone any, the former intel executive is determined to show the world that there is life after a stroke. "today in the bay's" garvin thomas is here with this morning's bay area proud. >> sean maloney says, in all seriousness, the best advice, he can give people about recovering from a stroke is to not have one f they are unlucky enough to have one, he wants to let them know, they are capable of more than they think they are. he is taking the next two months to show them. tortola valley's old la handa road is well-known in bay area sirkling circles.
7:24 am
it's relentless climb and nonstop twist and turns make it a popular proving ground and a darn good metaphor for sean maloney's life or should we say lives. >> i have got two lives, really, life before my stroke and now the life afterwards. >> sean's life before his stroke in 2010 was one of a big-time executive at one of the world's biggest technology companies. some say he was steps away from the top job until he found himself flat on his back thinking it was the end. >> i had a good life and it is over, right? that's what i thought. it's over. >> in a way, sean was right. that life was over but a new one had gun. always driven and remarkably fit, sean threw himself back into exercise to help his body recover.
7:25 am
his brain, though, that was tougher. the stroke had left him unable to speak. >> two months later, the doctor said to me, you have got to learn to speak out of the other side of your head. sean says doing that was the toughest thing he will ever do in life. >> this is the journey, right? >> which is saying something considering what is next. >> it is a long way. >> sean is leaving sunday to bicycle across the united states. he will be giving talks along the way, telling people about the warning signs of a stroke so they can hopefully avoid one. the biggest lesson he will give won't. it will be with his wheel to let other stroke survivors know they have more will power inside of them than they ever imagined. he certainly did. >> you can come back. you can come back. >> though, it was a stroke that
7:26 am
hit sean, he will be raising awareness about the warning signs of heart attacks as well. 80% of which experts believe are preventible. sean has events planned so far in 14 cities. he plans on biking 5,000 miles, finishing in new york's central park. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. pretty remarkable. if you know of someone doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you. just go to our website and search bay area proud. still ahead, do the hustle. how kids across the bay area are in the midst of a learning storm and making them smarter and tougher. plus, from the waiting room to the operating table, we'll show you a unique program that gave 15 uninsured people free surgeries. stay with us. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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hi, there. we want to start you off this sunday morning with a live look at the golden gate bridge. no fog, but it is a bit cloudy out there. let's take you to san jose. things looking kind of the same. a little bit gray across the bay area. thanks for waking up with us. i'm vicky nguyen. with anthony slaughter, standing by right now. a check of the forecast. kind of like the same. >> pretty much the same today. just because the cold front is moving in. we have great skies across the entire board. that's part of your weather headlines. you can see from our live shot. we have coastal showers mainly across the santa cruz mountains where it will stay for the first half of the day. mainly cloudy skies are expected. the north bay will see the showers first and then those showers will spread south as we head into the overnight hours. right now, the radar not lit up all that much. the heavier rain, if there was any, was across northern california last night. the cold front still about 100 miles off the coast.
7:30 am
as it gets closer and closer, those showers will develop. we will see those first in the north bay and san francisco by about 4:00 or 5:00 this evening and the rest of us will see it once the sun goes down. a great day in the bay area most of the day. every now and then, a light spritz or sprinkle. the heavier stuff, moderate to heavy rain will arrive tonight. not going to be a lot. we are talking about .10 of an inch to get the ground wet. when we begin this morning with a developing story out of the north bay. one hiker has died. another is in serious condition this morning after a trail collapsed beneath their feet. this happened at the bear valley trail in the point reyes national seashore. the two hikers were standing on an overlook made of dirt and rock when it gave out. >> we heard like a huge, i would say, like a splash and a lot of sand and rocks falling down.
7:31 am
then, when we came back, we saw the small river was covered in rocks and stuff. >> while the other hikers tried to help the two, rescue helicopters flew to the scene. this twitter picture shows one of the choppers during the rescue. one hiker died there at the scene. the other was taken to santa rosa memorial hospital. officials say, they knew this part of the trail was unstable. in fact, this he posted warning science to let people know about the overlook after a large crack opened up earlier this week. another cliff rescue, about 40 miles south of that one. two people and their dog are recovering after being stranded on a cliff in san francisco. it happened yesterday evening at a national park. they got a call about 5:30. the rescue took about an hour. the two adults suffered minor injuries. to a bizarre murder now. a barrel dumped in front of sonoma city hall with a dead body inside. the barrel was reported friday night. when officers arrived, they
7:32 am
found the body of 6-year-old ronald savajo inside. they linked the victim to a mobile home park off of highway 12 in sonoma. that is where they believe the man was killed. officer arrested christopher mcnat at acacia grove mobile home park. investigators are looking into whether mental illness played a role in a machete attack. a man arrived with a large knife and bug spray and started attacking people. investigators say the attack could have been much worse. >> reporter: the passengers and staff at new orleans louie armstrong international airport, it was terrifying. >> everyone was running and hiding behind chairs. a man armed with a machete sprayed a tsa agent with spray.
7:33 am
ra shell came upon sheriff deputy heather sleeve who pulled her gun and fired three times. >> i have to say officer sleef is my hero. she saved my life. the man was within inches of whacking me with a machete. richard white was hit three times. the gun fire brought him down without anyone else being hurt. when they checked a bag he had been carrying, they realized he could have caused a lot more damage. >> what the bag revealed was six half-pint mason jars with cloth wicks into a liquid that we now know to be gasoline, which you would commonly refer tos a malto have cocktail. they say his family has cooperated with the investigation and says he had a history of mental illness. >> no one knows what may have triggered this behavior. >> some passengers got minor cuts and scrapes as they ran for their lives and tsa ags, carol
7:34 am
rochelle is expected to recover from being shot in the arm. >> white was shot in the face, chest and leg. he was taken to the hospital but died from his injuries last night. the parents of audrey pott have settled a lawsuit against one of their daughters assailants. three assaulted her and took photos and they have served time in juvenile hall. they are now settling a wrongful death lawsuit against one of the boys involved. it is because the teen was honest and showed remorse for his actions. the settlement amount has not been revealed. new this morning, sources are saying texs asenator ted cruz will announce tomorrow that he is running for president. cruz will be the first high-profile candidate to formerly launch a white house bid. the news comes from a strategist
7:35 am
to hanwants to remain anonymous. he is scheduled to speak in liberty, virginia, tomorrow. he will likely declare his campaign for the presidency. a lucky break for some obamacare customers after incorrect health care information was sent out twice. last month, they said there were errors on tax forms sent to 820,000 enrollees. there are more mistakes, this time, on the corrected forms that went out. anyone that has already filed or about to file taxes will not be liable for any extra payment because of all these errors. >> can you teach perseverance and grit? more and more educators think the answer may be yes including the founder of con academy one of the most popular learning sites in the world. they have a new math competition. kids compete for top honors in math and hustle too. our own jessica aguirre has more
7:36 am
in this morning's class action. >> these are top 20 out of 50,000 students in the bay area. >> reporter: this rally at a public school gives new meaning to the old phrase, getting an "a" for effort. >> first place, miriam ahole. >> when they called my name, my heart dropped. i felt like screaming. i was so proud of myself. >> zariah stevenson. >> i thought i wasn't going to be one of them. >> middle school students take the stage to celebrate their success. a bay area math competition from con academy. >> we have had 1500 schools participate. what we call our hustle leaderboard. >> the hustle leaderboard ranks perseverance and grit. schools and students that have the tenacity to stick with it
7:37 am
even when the going gets tough. >> you have to get five right in a row. on that fifth question, you know, that's when a student has failed that last question. they don't stop. they don't give up. >> i think con has been misunderstood that it attempts simply to get kids to do better in math. >> reporter: john is with a nonprofit news and resource organization. >> his goal all along is to produce confidence. learners that want to go and succeed at their own pace. >> reporter: back at the middle school, students keep on hustling in con acad iemy, learning not just matte but lessons for life. >> i fail a lot. i never give up. it pays off at the end. >> reporter: jessica aguirre, nbc bay area news. a warning for people living
7:38 am
in half moon bay. after several mountain lion sightings, there have been three mountain lyon sightings in the area. keep your pets close and bring them inside when it gets dark. avoid walking and hiking at dawn or dusk when the big cats are most active. big life changes for some people in santa clara county this weekend. 16 people got three surgeries. they teamed up with p o per racial access for the county's first-ever surgery day. it was the chance for a few uninsured patients to get the help they needed without having to worry about how to pay the bill. they included hernia repair and cataract removal. >> we view medical missions outside of the country and the ability or the opportunity provide that here in our own backyard with our own people is a great thing. >> patients were chosen through the nonprofit guard ner clinic.
7:39 am
15% don't qualify for government or other insurance programs still ahead, the hottest team in the nba rolls into the bay area, to try and do what few teams have, beat the ducks at oracle arena. we'll have the highlights after this he can bra.
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a live look outside. avia earthquake's first game is today. 18,000 fans. sold out. kickoff is at 4:00. it will be nice out there. you will get some cloud cover according to anthony slaughter. the warriors may have the best record. utah jazz came in posting wins for 13 of the last 15 games. second quarter, steph considerry
7:42 am
wows the crowd with the circus shot and the foul. the mvp candidate was not donald. he hits the step-back three giving golden state a nine-point lead. the dubs win going away. an incredible 33-2. >> you don't want to stumble into the playoffs. we want to continue that winning mentality making winning plays every night. that would be contagious to snowball into the round. tim lincecum and the giants, he had his best start offspring allowing only one run in four innings. the game was tied at two in the bottom of the ninth when l.a.'s kyle kabitza singled in the winning run. president obama had a
7:43 am
special reason to attend a college basketball game this weekend. he was in maryland to cheer on his niece in the women's ncaa tournament game between princeton and the university of wisconsin, green bay. his niece, leslie robinson, plays for the undefeated princeton tigers. she is the daughter of first lady, michelle obama's daughter. as race diversity grows in california, so does diversity at the voting booth. political analyst larry gerston tells us how that growth has affected state elections and policies.
7:44 am
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you're watching "today in the bay." your time is 7:45. a live look at golden gate bridge. everything moving nicely this morning. no fog in sight. it is going to be a little overcast all day. let's take you to oakland where the oracle arena under cloudy
7:46 am
skies. drizzle expected in the north bay working its way down later this evening. anthony slaughter will be along in a moment. governor, jerry brown, is taking on the republican leadership. he says the senate majority leaders action over carbon pollution is a disgrace. senator mitch mcconnell is actively fighting the environmental agent sich environmental agency. he says mcconnell's plan will lead it more pollution and drought. you can catch more of the news interview after this newscast. it is well-known that california is becoming a more diverse state. less well-known, however, is the impact of this change with respect to california's elections and policies. larry gerston here to break down the developments this morning. larry, we can look around and we can very easily see the changes. more hispanic voters, more asian voters. break down the numbers.
7:47 am
>> this is one of the most rich political nuggets that's not always easily seen. thanks to mark decam pel low, we have extraordinary data. of california's demographic makeup changes, the state's politician is changing with it. let's start with two numbers. two numbers here of the 3.3 million new californians who arrived between 1992 and 2012, 3 million were either latinos or asian-americans. because of their growth, knees new voters have become a larger sector of the state's voters. take a look at this chart. we see latinos going from 9% to 22%. asian-americans, 3% to 11%. quadrupling this voting populations. together, in 1992, these two groups representing 12% of the electorate. for 2012, they were a full third of the electorate. >> that is really an
7:48 am
extraordinary change in a fairly short amount of time. one generation. how has that affected the state's politics and who is getting elected into office? >> that's where it gets interesting. these voters have not only become a larger percentage of the electorate but increasingly democratic. in 1992, 58% of latino voters went with the democrats. by 2012, 72% of latinos chose democrats. for asian-americans, it is even more interesting. 42% voted for the democrats in 1992. by 2012, 79%. >> almost double. >> sided with the democrats. we have a confluence trail really here of two major changes. one, more minorities and higher percentages of their votes going to the democrats. >> wow. >> more minorities making up the voter base in california and voting in higher percentages for democrats and republicans. what kind of impact does that have on the laws and the policies that are being passed in california.
7:49 am
>> that's the rub. a couple of examples. when the voters passed proposition 30 in 2012, the initiative increasing sales taxes and incompetee taxes of h wage earners. minorities voted yes. ethnic voters pushed it over the top. when asked about driver's licenses in early february, 2013, nonhispanic whites opposed the idea. 55%-45%. ethnic voters favored it by 71% to 24%. >> guess what happened later that year? >> it passed. >> the democratic legislature passed a law. >> they have the numbers when it comes to these voters. if you are a republican, what can you do to recapture some ballots and connect with this base? >> that's the big question. a clear linkage between the growing number of ethnic voters and the democratic party. they have seized on ethnic
7:50 am
issues and supported them and supported their policies related to those issues. republicans have failed to calibrate their policy positions in ways comfortable to most minorities. so this is the change they will have to make to become competitive in california once again. otherwise, this is likely to be a very blue state for a very long time. larry gerston, thank you, as always, for your time. which apprecia we appreciate it. stay with us.
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breaking news to tell you about this morning. santa clara police are investigating a deadly shooting involving one of their own. officials say two santa clara officers drove into the parking lot of the 711 on scott boulevard and saw a suspect in the middle of robbing the store. police say the suspect pointed a gun at the clerk and fired a shot. the officers confronted him in the parking lot and ordered him to put down the gun. when he didn't comply, they opened fire killing the man with the gun. that clerk was not hurt. we will have much more information coming up on nbc bay area news at 4:30 today. >> let's turn tower weather now and talk about this sunday forecast. we have showers in place that are starting to make their way through the peninsula. a light shower making its way through palo alto over near mountain view. it will work its way over towards fremont and the ultimate pass. this activity is all very light. all the rain we see today will fall very light across the bay area. you will notice the rain icons
7:54 am
on each and every climate. it is a little deceptive. there will be some showers from time to time leak what we are finding right now. the ground is wet there and you need those windshield wipers. remember to keep those headlights on as well with this rain moving in. it is not going to be an all day rain event. we will see some showers to spread across the bay area. we are already starting to see some of those light showers. that's what it is going to be today. light activity. nothing moderate or heavy for that matter. that will move through tonight. the moderate activity. cold front off the coast. as this moves through, as we head through the day, these clouds will increase. this is the futurecast from 9:00. you will notice the showers spreading through the north bay and the coastline is where we will see the showers through the there. they will spread to the south bay. very hit and miss. as we head towards the overnight
7:55 am
hours, the main band of rain will push through. the rainfall amount anywhere from a few hundredths of an inch. it will be enough to keep the ground wet for your monday morning commute. even some snow is expected across the sierra. only about half a foot of snow across areas about 6,000 feet and above. other than that, you will notice a lot of goose eggs here anywhere from highway 80 to tahoe. every little bit does help. showers in the forecast for today. those showers will start to push out of here as we head towards the day tomorrow. more sunshine towards the afternoon. the temperatures will still be very chilly. as we head towards tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, that's the stuff we like to see. we are talking about springtime temps. it will feel like summer as we head towards thursday and friday. temperatures not only in the 70s but the 80s for the inland valleys.
7:56 am
san francisco will climb back into the mid-70s by wednesday and thursday. a little bit of something for everybody. we have cool, cloudy conditions for today and tomorrow a little bit of light showers if you want to stay in, catch a movie, cuddle up under the down comforter that always feels good, specially on days like this. wednesday and thursday, back into the 70s and 80s. enjoy the cool, cloudy conditions. if you like the beach, warm weather, enjoy that. >> kick off the sheets and bust out the light linens. it is that time of year. this weekend, thousands of bay area high school girls will be prom ready thanks to a local charity. the princess project has been collecting dresses all year donated by businesses and the public. starting this weekend, this he have been giving the dresses to girls in need in san francisco. they helped the girls select the dress from every color and size and style. the princess project hosts events in silicon valley and they checked their website for
7:57 am
dates and more information. i have been waiting for this one. the cast and crew of one of the most beloved fantasy series on tv will be spending the season premier in san francisco. hbo is hosting a season 5 premier for game of thrones at the war memorial opera house. they will string video of the red carpet live on facebook. they announced their streaming service would be only available on apple tv. the service, called hbo now, begins with the season's first game of thrones broadcast. that is happening next month. mark your calendars on april 12th. thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. we will have more local news tonight at 4:30, 6:00, and 11:00, and all day at we hope you have a great day!
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. >> this sunday one time middle east success story turns disastrous. u.s. troops withdraw from yemen as the country descends into all out civil war. state of distrust. >> we have to evaluate what other options are available. >> benjamin netanyahu pulls to the right to win the israeli election. has he left the peace process in tatters and altered his country's relationship with the u.s. permanently? plus, climate catastrophe. jerry brown the governor of drought stricken california on why there should no longer be a debate about climate. >> this has to be at the level of a crusade. >> find out which 2016 connd


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